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PAST INTRODUCTIONS - Bobbie Brooks Hybrids
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AHA! (Brooks-BB 2009) Spring 2010 release. SE Dip M 43" x 9" Cascading UF. Dark burgundy curly self with green throat. Sibs TA-DAH and AHA! are like yin and yang. One feminine and the other masculine. Both fine forms.
$65. DF
And So It Goes
AND SO IT GOES (Brooks-BB 2010) SE Dip M Striking violet fucshia with orange throat. Thin petals with ruffled edge lined in white compliment the white halo and white midrib. "And so it goes, And so will you soon, I suppose". Startling color combination.
$25. DF
Betcha By Golly Wow
BETCHA BY GOLLY WOW* (Brooks-BB 2012) 7" x 40" ML, SE. Later blooming hot orange with a triangular shape and an extended demarcated ribbed throat. It boasts good branching and bud count, and is a sib to the earlier blooming 'Don’t Blame Me'. I love orange in the garden. "And, Betcha by Golly Wow! You're the one that I've been waiting for forever..."
$65. DF
BUTTERNUTTER (Brooks-BB 2004) Dip SE 32" x 5.5" ML Fr Hardy, REPEATS. Yellow with a little nuttiness to it announces BUTTERNUTTER'S uniqueness. Long bloom season with repeating in the north made it a favorite. Fragrant. Pencil eyezone. One of those 'it's perfect every day' blossoms.
$20. DF
Care To Share
CARE TO SHARE* (Brooks-BB 2012) 5.5" x 31" M, D, Soft lavender purple self has a slightly darker band with a white wire edge and green throat. 'I'd Care to Share, would you?'
$65. DF
Color Your Cheeks
COLOR YOUR CHEEKS* (Brooks-BB 2011) 5.5" x 34" Tet, M, SE   With a smudged rose rouge eyezone on a waffled lighter pink melon self with dark ruffed edge and bright orange throat, this flower it reminds me of a big fat smooch plastered in the middle of the flower! The waffled texture with a bright orange throat complements the main flower color.
$50. DF
Come Go With Me
COME GO WITH ME* (Brooks-BB 2009) Tet SE 34" x 6.5" ML Full form Lavender. Large, open, flared, wide petal, tall. Lovely Lavender self with huge green throat. A reserved beauty with good garden presence. I need you darlin', so COME GO WITH ME!
$50. DF
Don't Kiss My Sis
DON'T KISS MY SIS (Brooks-BB 2012) 5.5" x 33" M, D, Variable Quilled Spatulate Crispate UF. The sepals accentuate this fun Unusual Form with its darker pink eye on a pastel pink self. Sib to 'Give Me a Smooch', therefore the name. Good increase and plant habit.
$45. DF
Don't Mind Me
DON'T MIND ME* (Brooks-BB 2012) 5.5" x 39" M, SE, This hot orange with its demarcated throat of hot gold is a standout in the midseason garden and a long season bloomer. 'Don't Mind Me', I am just another orange, but I'll catch your attention! Sib to later blooming 'Betcha By Golly Wow'.
$45. DF
Dorothy Emily
DOROTHY EMILY* (Brooks-BB 2009) Tet SE 30" x 5.75" M Full form. Ribbed textured hot melon blend with demarcated wide throat of orange/gold blending to a richer deep orange throat. Its demarcated pattern and ribbing make this colorful self a garden standout. Named for my sister.
$50. DF
Gibson Glamour Girls
GIBSON GLAMOUR GIRLS (Brooks-BB 2004) Dip SE 28" x 5.5" ML-L Hardy REPEATS. Wavy loose curls on light peach petals adorned with a pink eye/band reminiscent of Gibson Girls, bedecked with their elaborate hairdos and bustled dresses. Arriving fashionably late with repeat blooms.
$25. DF
Give Me A Smooch
GIVE ME A SMOOCH (Brooks-BB 2009) Dip SE 34" x 7" M UF. Cup shaped exotic with a feathered rose eyelash eyezone outside the green throat. Curled sepals. Looks good from all sides. GIVE ME A SMOOCH bats its eyelashes, saying "I am puckered up ready to give anyone a smooch!"
$35. DF
Hazy Lazy Crazy Days
HAZY LAZY CRAZY DAYS (Brooks-BB 2005) Dip SE 25" x 4" M Hardy. Hazy purple burgundy with dark purple eyezone and complimentary sepals in the morning. During the day the whole flower turns dusky dark. Distinctive border beauty.
$25. DF
I Know
I KNOW!* (Brooks-BB 2012) 5.5" x 28" M, SE, Rose petaled round bitone with corduroy characteristics. Rather than answering the question 'I' know, it is the exclamation, I 'Knooow'! TV host Rachael Ray says it often... so do I! A gardener viewed this flower and said, "Isn't that one beautiful?", and my comment was....
$65. DF
It Figures
IT FIGURES (Brooks-BB 2011) 7.5" x 38" UF Crispate Dip, M, SE   This Unusual Form pale lavender overlaid on green with an extended green throat often has several different curly twisty forms and color intensity. Truly an airy ethereal beauty. IT FIGURES!
$85. DF
La De Da
LA DE DA* (Brooks-BB 2010) Tet Dor 34" x 6.5" Rosy Lavender, rather smooth and stately. Light halo and yellow to green throat. Out of Goldner's seedling RoseWow. Nice tall large landscape garden plant that visitors have admired. Northern hardy and increases quickly.
$55. DF
Maybe Baby
MAYBE BABY (Brooks-BB 2009) Dip SE 28" x 6" M UF Crispate. Strong purple, hinting of fuchsia with a large white halo, a UF crispate. A sib to PRISMATIC which has caused enough hullabaloo in the gardens to warrant a name "MAYBE BABY, I'll have you for me..." (Buddy Holly lyrics).
$25. DF
Mustard And Relish
MUSTARD AND RELISH* (Brooks-BB 2009) Tet Dor 30" x 5.5" M Full form. Unusual coloring of mustard gold marked by an orange band with a green throat. Coloring becomes its subtle uniqueness - Like the Mustard and Relish we put on our hotdogs. 'Where are the Hotdogs'?
$20. DF
My Heart Aches For You
MY HEART ACHES FOR YOU* (Brooks-BB 2012) 4.5" x 25" ML, D, Wine purple that often is lighter on the edge with a green throat feathering out towards a dark band. A great dark daylily which holds up well in the front of the border and reminds me that my heart aches for rich colored daylilies in the garden.
$55. DF
Mystical Merriments
MYSTICAL MERRIMENTS* (Brooks-BB 2010) Tet SE M Hazy dark rose lavender complimented by a striking light halo graduating to green throat and outlined in yellow thread. In honor of my sister who teaches the mystics of doll creations. MM is the name of her studio.
$60. DF
Oh Brother
OH BROTHER (Brooks-BB 2010) Dip SE 30" x 5.5" M UF Pinched Crispate – A striking hot gold self with deeper gold throat. A wowser garden color with good plant habits. Named for my two brothers. OH BROTHER!   What is that?
$35. DF
One Day Wonder
ONE DAY WONDER* (Brooks-BB 2010) Tet Dor 29" x 5" Sometimes lavender pink, sometimes salmon pink but always recurved with light small halo that melts into yellow and then into a green throat. Diamond dusted. Petals lined with light edge and gold thread. Always a display of perfectly formed flowers.
$30. DF
One Is Enough
ONE IS ENOUGH* (Brooks-BB 2011) 7.5" x 40" Tet, ML, SE, UF Spatulate   A tall bright orange Unusual Form often showing quilled sepals is set off with dark anthers. As the name suggests, just seeing one is enough to make me happy!
$85. DF
PRISMATIC (Brooks-BB 2004) Dip 33" x 6.5" M UF Variable Crispate. Crisp and clean, prism halo, sun fast clear purple with crispate pinched petals, dark eye/band, above a white veined halo. A chameleon, changing shapes and colors in the heat with twisting sepals. Child's breeding with L N Spider.
$20. DF
Simply Scintilating
SIMPLY SCINTILLATING (Brooks-BB 2004) Dip SE 30" x 6.5" UF Pinched Crispate Hardy, REPEATS. SIMPLY SCINTILLATING was coveted from its maiden bloom for its color and crisp shape. Pinched petals with corduroy ribbed effect flare from gold to orange, then shades of coral and pink. Sepals curl.
$20. DF
Spirit Of The Garden
SPIRIT OF THE GARDEN* (Brooks-BB 2012) 6-7" x 34" M, SE, UF Crispate, Deep red pinched petaled Unusual Form has variable curled, twisted, and quilled sepals with a flaring green/yellow throat. Named for a wedding celebration which was held in a local couple's garden. Release fall 2013.
$100. DF
Sugar Plum Jam
SUGAR PLUM JAM (Brooks-BB 2004) Dip Dpr 35" x 7" ML UF Pinched Crispate. Rich, clean, plum purple pinched crispate. Like the sweet-tart Sugar Plum Jam I remember as a child, this plant multiplies quickly. On very hot days it changes coloring from dark plum to lighter self with a darker eye.
$25. DF
Ta Dah!
TA-DAH! (Brooks-BB 2007) Dip SE 44" x 9" UF Cascade, hardy 08. Striking, very dark maroon purple above green and gold throat. Tall and stately with loose flowing curls from Skinwalker. Creature of the Night brings its deep rich color and hardiness. (Creature of the Night X Skinwalker)
$65. DF
TA RA RA BOOM DE AY* (Brooks-BB 2012) 6" x 34" ML, SE, Wearing a ruffled, triangular hot red dress and another triangular green to yellow extended star throat inside, this one reminds me of Can-Can dancers strutting while the ruffled edge adds to its flouncy petticoat look!
$55. DF
That One There
THAT ONE THERE (Brooks-BB 2009) Dip hardy SE 45" x 5" ML UF. Very tall, exotic medium sized with cascading curling sepals and sometimes pinched petals. Dusky Rose with a slightly darker eye and very green thr. A tall colorful bouquet of exotic flowers that twists and turns.
$75. DF
Wait A Minute
WAIT A MINUTE* (Brooks-BB 2011) 6" x 38" Tet, M, SE   A bright orange round self with ruffled edge, green thr with black anthers, northern hardy. Named in honor of my cousin, the photographer. As we stand waiting for him to get just the right camera setting, we cry, "Come On Dennis, take the picture!" His answer is always, "Now just WAIT A MINUTE - WAIT A MINUTE!"
$25. DF
What About Me
WHAT ABOUT ME* (Brooks-BB 2007) Tet SE 38" x 6" MLa, SE Fragrant Full flowered 08. Clear strong red self above huge star yellow to green throat which makes a startling statement from across the garden. Variable shapes from flaring to round in the north. (Spider Man X Dragon King sdlg).
$55. DF
Whatcha Gonna Do
WHATCHA GONNA DO* (Brooks-BB 2010) Tet SE 30" x 6.5" Exotic red corduroy. Part 1 of a series of corduroys (ribbed). Whatcha Gonna Do when they come for you? Most often pinched but sometimes changes shape with a devilish red color and deeper veining on yellow star blaze with a green throat.
$85. DF
What's Up
WHAT'S UP (Brooks-BB 2008) Dip Dor 55" x 7.25" MLa 08. EXTREMELY TALL striking bitone which really looks like a bicolor. Light maroon purple petals with yellow sepals. Petals often pinched. So, WHAT'S UP you guys? (Carnival of Venice X sdlg)
$35. DF
Who Knew
WHO KNEW* (Brooks-BB 2012) 6.5" x 35" M, SE, A waffled loosey goosey large round daylily with a demarcated throat and ripe tomato orange red color. 'Who Knew' what daylilies could look like and this one begs a closer look to see all that makes it special.
$45. DF
Who Me
WHO, ME* (Brooks-BB 2012) 6" x 36" ML, D, Desirable pure pink hardy self with green throat and lighter watermark, out of Lachman's pink breeding and my seedlings. This sib to 'Yes, Please!' has nice bud count and branching. 'Who Me' asked if it could be chosen amongst all the hotty-totties out there. I said, 'Yes!'
$75. DF
Yes Please
YES, PLEASE!* (Brooks-BB 2012) 5.5" x 35" ML, D, An elegant, hardy, true pink self void of all the frills and ruffles so often seen these days. That's a plus in my discriminating criteria - A place for them all! Sometimes a flared triangle, sometime curling. 'Yes, Please' is my best pink to date and a sib to 'Who, Me?'
$85. DF
You Are My Candy Girl
YOU ARE MY CANDY GIRL (Brooks-BB 2004) Dip SE 36" x 7.5" ML. Flaring open flower with twists, pinches, curls. Blends of colors from her cantaloupe throat to pink and melon tepals. Unruly flaring lighter sepals. Reminiscent of Holiday Ribbon Candy. "You are my Candy Girl, and I can't stop loving you!".
$20. DF
You'll Never Know
YOU'LL NEVER KNOW (Brooks-BB 2011) 6.5" x 40" Dip, M, SE   Light pink triangular pinched petal form with lavender feathered eyezone above a green throat. A tall pretty northern hardy clump, good plant habits and presentation. YOU'LL NEVER KNOW just how much I love you...!
$35. DF
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