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BB's garden
I started gardening in 1988 after purchasing my home on Cape Ann, north of Boston. Every year the grassy areas shrank and the gardens grew as I collected this and that.  I was delighted that the plants actually grew.  I was hooked!  Everything had a cottage garden feel to it as I crammed in yet one more collection of plants. If there was an empty space, in went the latest acquisition. Unsatisfied with that look, I started moving plants around as I explored how to create color/texture venues by adding more structure to each garden area.

BB's garden

BB Designer BB Designer
It was not long after that I was asked to design gardens for others, teach gardening classes, and lecture.  My gardens appeared in several publications. And happily over the next several years, my hobby turned into my vocation.  I enjoy it all, from creating small 'gardenscapes' to large estates.
I love to create gardens using shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, annuals, bulbs, herbs and large containers.  Some clients request formal gardens while other clients request other types of gardens. Shade gardens, Oceanside, and Natural gardens present their own set of challenges and have been met with great satisfaction.

BB Designer
Creating gardens that are full of color from spring to fall is very important, as is the ease of care. Plant texture is as important as color; they have shape and texture; and oh, by the way, they sometimes bloom! The mixed garden needs plants that bloom Before, During, and After the main daylily bloom season. This creates a year round garden for viewing pleasure.

Designing gardens from an existing daylily collection is more challenging, but I have several ideas to do that. Daylilies are my passion. I have collected over 1000 varieties and study their bloom time, heights and have lists of what cultivars go well together.  Coordinated companion plants offer creative exploration for daylily featured perennial borders as well as larger cottage gardens.  Daylilies become the 'jewels' of the gardens.
BB Designer

BB Designer
So, thought I, "What will come next?"  I have an abundance of garden pictures and I have my lecture notes. This has led me to offer a series of PowerPoint Presentations on several aspects of gardening. More than anything I love to watch gardens grow, to create gardenscapes and to work with plant colors and shapes. I will continue to Design and Install Gardens, and I always enjoy touring and lecturing.

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